Complex, highly flexible and fast services

By focusing directly on the needs of our customers and consistently on the requirements of our partner companies, we create close and successful relationships.

Our aim is to deliver medicinal products to our customers – quickly, free of mistakes, controllably, flexibly, personally and friendly. Independent, service-minded employees form a finely tuned and competent team. Our services are highly adaptable and flexible and support our goal of exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Advantages for our customers

All of this allows us to defend our position as an independent provider of an excellent range of pharma logistics services and to serve as the "extended arm" of our partner companies with services all along the chain to the end customers.

Because we understand the pharmaceutical environment, we pursue different goals in the industry. With our in-depth understanding of all trading levels and privileged overview of the entire industry, we are an experienced provider of general pharma logistics services.